Northern Ontario -Part Two

Goulais River, Ontario – English River, Ontario

Day 5: Lots of hills, and stopping and starting – 13 hours – 903 kilometres – Fuel: $33

Good morning! A day of driving ahead — about 13 hours. We did however stop a few times. We stopped at a couple little lakes along the way, we saw a little black bear! Wawa, ON to see the giant goose, Terrace Bay, ON, and the Terry Fox Memorial and Visitor Centre. We also stopped in Thunder Bay to pick up some groceries. We’re on our way to Ignace, On. It’s quite a barren drive between Thunder Bay and Ignace (around 3 hours), but we wanted to get as many km in today so we could enjoy some of the day in Manitoba tomorrow!

We stopped at a motel off of the highway for the night between Thunder Bay and Ignace. It’s called English river, and really is a quaint little place. It isn’t modern, it isn’t fancy and it certainly isn’t the kind of place you’d want to spend more than one night in, but it was clean. It was clean, it was cheap, and it has a lovely pond in front. A little wharf for fishing, and lounging and canoes to rent. The owners are lovely and overall — a great place to stopover! We were fortunate enough that we got the last room available!









Next: Winnipeg, Manitoba

(the wifi hasn’t been the kindest since we left Ottawa so not all of my photos have been uploading. but if you’d like to see sweet “Winnie” (the black bear) you can see her on @sarahkateanjia on Instagram!) — photos will hopefully be uploaded to future posts 🙂

luv, sk


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