About Me

FB_IMG_1490371867083Letter to the brave reader who stumbled upon this little nook in the universe,

My name is Sarah Kate — & — I hope wherever you are in life that my small space here can be a little light into your life. Whether that be in the form of mixtape compilations (because good music is just amaze!), lifestyle, travel, or any other random tidbits I decide to rant about! 

I s’pose I should let you in on the 411 of who this human being is writing scattered thoughts and opinions: I am a dreamer and an adventurer. I’m just a city raised, island living, world exploring gal who has a passion for the arts. Canada is home, the maritimes my niche. Coffee and Tea (but especially coffee) are staples, autumns, road trips, adventures and real conversations are some soul favourites of mine.

I hope you’ll join me on this exciting journey called life — I don’t always know what the next chapter in life will be or what it will bring, but I do know that I’m excited!




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