Kid, You’ll Move Mountains

“Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to great places! You’re off and away. And will you succeed? Yes! You will indeed (98-3/4 guaranteed.) Kid, you’ll move mountains. Oh! The places you’ll go!” – Oh the Places You’ll Go, Dr. Seuss

To you the graduate of two thousand seventeen,

In these eighteen years of life, so many things have happened, there has been laughter, smiles, tears and days of sorrow.  I’ve learned that shame and guilt don’t have to have a hold on your life. That the small moments really are the big ones. Drama is a wasted breath. Good friends are hard to come by, so when you find them, hold on to them! Choose joy always. I’m a human and a sinner, I mess up and I fall down. But thank goodness for a Savior who is loving and who is fierce. Like the sun that rises and sets each day, constant and unwavering. There’s hope and a plan that’s as real as you and me. Jesus has this radical love and ridiculous gift called grace and it’s free. Grace. I’m still learning more and more about it each day, how to give it, and walk in it daily.  I’ve learned that struggling is okay, being broken is okay, the messy is okay! There’s a peace that steadies you once you give it all to Him. Just talk. He’ll listen. Be steadfast and intentional, He’ll fight for you, you just have to be still. So, whatever the problem, the worry or mistake, give it to God, because He wants you to be vulnerable, He wants your heart, and to protect it from heartache and brokenness. Not saying this won’t happen or is the key to being perfect, but the relationship you can have is so real and intimate it’s actually insane. I’m still discovering it too! It’s there for you, no tricks or surprises. There isn’t a catch or a fee you have to pay, because Jesus paid it all when He died for YOU. So, regardless your past, or the present circumstances, give it all to Jesus. Break down and cry, and yell and scream, He’ll never leave you, and will always be fighting for you, for your heart and your soul. You are worth it, SO worth the fight, that He’ll never stop fighting. He’ll bring you to a place where you have no choice but to look up.  I’ve learned that growing up is a good thing, just don’t grow up too fast! Family is important — although we may not think so at the time. It is possible to be content wherever you are planted, the key is finding the good, not the bad. Complaining gets you nowhere, so I better just do it. High school can be good, it can grow you and challenge you. The horrors of that place aren’t as bad as you’ve been led to believe. So my advice for you, whether you believe in God or not, is to never doubt yourself. Embrace life and all it has to offer. Travel and explore. Adventure and meet new people! Don’t limit yourself to a box, the world is waiting to be shaken up by your beautiful and amazing self. I pray and hope that you will discover for yourself the wonders that life has to offer.


“There are far far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” – C.S. Lewis

It’s A Local Thing

Hello again! I thought I’d give you all a small little update on what I’ve been {obsessed} with recently. In particular these two goodies I purchased just the other day! Have you ever been to Cape Breton Island? The charming little island in Nova Scotia? Well, if you haven’t you should definitely add it to your bucket list! And if you live here – helloo – fellow caper!

I would like to start of by saying that La Quaintrelle Boutique in North Sydney, Cape Breton is absolutely enchanting. If you enjoy vintage inspired, chic, classy homeware, jewelry and attire – this is the shop for you! Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, this is the most dreamy, of dreamy boutiques around.


I easily could have bought everything in that store — but as it was, I found two items that shall suit me just fine! A perfume oil hand crafted in a sweet lil’ town – Truro, Nova Scotia and these whimsical studs that have me drooling!


The Foxhound Collection is a beautiful line of hand-blended fragrances where nostalgia plays a key role in creating these delicate scents.  I have yet to wear the collection, but this particular fragrance is light and airy. Lavender + Linen. It’s the perfect all year scent — I luvvv the fresh, timeless, yet modern aroma it carries. It’s noticeable but not overpowering. The wear on it is superbbb! Trust me! You may have to reapply depending on what you’re doing, but let me tell you! From eight in the morning, through three long rehearsals, till the evening – this baby killed it! It wore so well! Definitely my new go to fragrance!


Um. Sorry, but can we just give these darlings a moment of silence? IN LOVE. They are classy, and chic and all around sensational. They aren’t anything crazy, but girl. These studs are striking. From casual to formal – they will complete your outfit. These are with out a doubt a 10/10 for me.